Love is in the air—you’re engaged and you’ve decided to hire a Dallas engagement photographer. Whether the portraits are for save-the-date cards, invites, or to display on your website, this is the time to simply be yourself—in the moment, doing what you naturally do when you’re with your sweetheart.

Yes, you’ll receive subtle directions from your Dallas engagement photographer, but this is your love story, told through your eye contact, the way you touch each other, in your smile and those quirky moments that make you laugh uncontrollably.  

Your DFW engagement photography session is all about capturing expressions of your love, and stress is not invited to the party. So, here are 11 tips for No-Stress Engagement Photography.

1. If you follow any tip on this list, this first tip is huge and non-negotiable. Hiring an engagement photographer who is professional, personable, creative and fun can make all the difference between having a no-stress engagement photography or a stress-filled engagement photography.

You should have a professional yet warm connection with your Dallas engagement photographer. If you feel uncomfortable, awkward or nervous, that discomfort will show up in your body language and in your facial expressions. Take some time to search for the best in Dallas engagement photography. This is a special day for you and your fiance and you’ll have these portraits for a lifetime.

2. Choose a theme and share your vision with your engagement photographer. Yes, the photographer is the creative master, but having some knowledge of your love story helps the photographer capture the best poses and props to showcase the perfect engagement story book.

3. Select an attire in a solid color that is comfortable and that complement each other at least one week in advance. The last thing you want is to start your photography session with regret over a last minute, and less flattering purchase. That will certainly bring on the stress.

4. Dallas-Fort Worth has so may amazing engagement locations, but consider choosing a location that has special meaning to your love story. Being in a familiar environment will help you open up and allow your emotions to flow naturally.

5. Come prepared to have fun! Remember, your engagement photography is a unique, less formal and playful reflection of your bond and friendship. Soak up the beauty of this special and stress-free time with your sweetheart.

6. Trust your Dallas engagement photographer. Your professional photographer is the expert. He or she knows how to capture the ideal shots, at the right time and from the most flattering angles. He is keenly aware of appropriate hand placement and posing, the best angles and light.

7.  No amount of editing can cover the effects of feeling tired and sleep deprived. So, get a good night sleep. Rest your mind and body so you’re looking and feeling your best for your Dallas engagement photography session.

8.  Eat a light breakfast so you’re not feeling weighed down or bloated. It’s better to have not eaten enough than to over eat right before your photo shoot.

9.  Breathe. Sounds obvious, but when you’re mindful of your breathing it will help you relax and release any tension in your body, which can show up in your photos.

10. Communicate with your engagement photographer. If there’s a special pose or backdrop that you want to capture, share it with your photographer. Your photographer will listen and advise you of the the best approach and you’ll feel more invested in the session knowing your idea was considered or used.

11. Here’s a simple and effective approach to no-stress engagement photography. Workout together at the gym or go for a brisk run or walk the morning of your shoot. The release of endorphins will have you feeling confident, connected, and relaxed—the perfect ingredients for no-stress engagement photography.

Congratulations on your engagement! I hope these tips have been helpful. Remember, relax, breathe, and enjoy every moment. As you begin your search for Dallas engagement photographers, choose an engagement photographer who is not just professional, but also personable, creative and fun. Cheers!