It's funny when Igor and I decided to branch out into "Boudoir" photography, I don't think either of us really knew the definition. Most people associate these type of photography session with a woman getting all dolled up and wearing sexy little pieces of lingerie that leave little to the imagination.

Although, that is what most of the Boudoir shoots consist of :) We wanted to kind of embody the actual meaning of the word and add some French flair. Boudoir is a French derived word, usually referring to a woman's private sitting room.

There was a man by the name of Marquis de Sade between 1740-1814 who helped develop a reputation to go along with this room in his literary pieces. He talks of small rooms dedicated to the private talk of women, where gossip, scandalous reputations of others and frolicking partakes.

What better way to shoot a Boudoir then to book a session in New Orleans! We choose to shoot the following Boudoir session in the amazing Le Pavillon Hotel.

Bridal boudoir photography, the bride before the shoot, rading a bridal magazine!

Our Bride Rachel is a firecracker who gave us explicit permission to reveal these pictures. She told us " I want every woman to get the opportunity to see how beautiful you made me look and feel during the shoot!".

IGOR wedding photography creates fine art Boudoir session tailored to your comfort, body and style. We can either catch some of the natural light to create a soft serene look, or we can add edgy artificial light to sculpt a women's beautiful curves at night, but wait , don't go yet. Drink some champagne and dim the lights to create Imagery your husband to be won't forget.

Our Boudoir sessions are meant to celebrate your beauty no matter the age or body type. You don't have to be getting married to reserve your session with IGOR wedding photography. Let's capture the sensuality, accentuate curves and show your personality. It's a special treat to your self, from you to you. We are just there to make it happen!